Weekly Revenue Meetings | How to Structure Them

February 25, 2020
In this video, Richard Lindner discusses the importance of having weekly revenue meetings, how to structure them, and the role it can play in scaling up your business success by leveraging them.

Bryan and Shannon Miles on Own Not Run

May 4, 2020

Richard talks about how he has been leading his company on mission, how he has been ‘marketing’ to his team: giving them purpose in chaos, and how he reinvented his typical morning routine and work schedule to work for him and his family during this pandemic.

How To Use Email Marketing More Effectively

November 18, 2018

Richard shares some of his valuable secrets around leadership. He explains the difference between transformational leadership and transactional leadership.

CONNECTION Series: with Richard Lindner

May 15, 2020

Richard talks with Chris Smith about looking at ourselves as the FIRST generation. With the sole purpose of making each generation better.

Great Ideas and Determining If They’re Worth Building On

August 14, 2019

Richard discusses great ideas and determining if they’re worth building on

Holiday Campaign Strategies

November 16, 2017

Holiday marketing pro-tip: Make people feel emotions. Studies show that when your customers feel a specific emotion about something, they also feel that emotion about you!

The “Back Of The Napkin” Bar Ideas That Led To DigitalMarketer

November 28, 2019

In this episode, Richard discusses his role at DigitalMarketer and the fun-filled night that led to a host of ideas between himself and Perry Belcher as well as a need to refill all the napkins at the bar.  He also reminisces about the first corporate job and what led him to walk out on day one.

How to Share Resources in an Umbrella Company

August 22, 2109

In this video, Richard Lindner discusses how to share resources in an umbrella company.

How to Plan Quarterly Strategic Meetings and Define WIGs

January 28, 2020

In this video, Richard Lindner discusses how he goes about planning quarterly annual meetings and emphasizes the importance of WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) and how they have been used to grow companies Digital Marketer. Richard Lindner also goes on to explain how these can be immediately applied in your own business and how to apply them.

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