I’m in love (and maybe a bit obsessed) with the art that is business.

Starting. Building. Growing.

BUT before we go any further there are a few things you need to know about me. 

 1. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur (I just didn’t know what that meant yet.)

 2. I didn’t come from money.

 3. I didn’t go to a fancy business school, in fact quite the opposite… 

Richard Lindner Digital Marketer
Who is Richard Lindner?

I dropped out of high school to get my GED.

I dropped out of college to start working for successful entrepreneurs and get a real business education. 

That education was tough, much tougher than going to school would have been, but I went all in. I worked crazy hours. I soaked up everything I could from three very different but very successful mentors. I remembered the pain of their mistakes and vowed not to make them myself. 

They became my coachesmentors and cheerleaders. They became my friends. Eventually I partnered with three amazing entrepreneurs and we got to work. 

Then, I made my own mistakes, a lot of them, but I learned from those mistakes and kept going. I found other people just like me through masterminds and business trainings. 

To date, we have started 13 companies from scratch, funded (or acquired) a dozen more, and directly advised hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their companies.

Richard Lindner history

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